Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Basics You Need to Know About Flipping House

There are lots of ways to earn money through realty. One of the primary techniques of doing this is flipping houses. There are 3 standard things you have to do when flipping properties and these are: buying a property, dealing with your home and naturally, selling the property for a profit. This pattern continues as you utilize the cash you receive from turning a house to fund your next realty endeavor.

First off, purchasing a residential property is originally everything about financing. Exactly how will you finance your investment? Do you have the money or will you need to obtain a home mortgage? Are there partners available with whom you can share the acquisition expense with? Financing is essential when you want to turn a residence.

Similarly, you should explore the residential property's location in addition to structural stability. A good area is a pre-requisite to a quick sell. Examine the entire residence along with the periphery of the home. Make sure that all is in order and if remodeling or fixing are necessary, be sure that they will certainly not burn an opening in your wallet.

It would certainly likewise be advisable to get listed below market price homes. Discover determined vendors who prefer quick cash and need to place their residences for sale at low prices. You could additionally consider foreclosed properties. Nonetheless distrust some institutions that don't allow you a sneak peek into the house. You won't know the marketability of the property in this case.

Second, improving the home or home is an additional element you need to deal with. You have to plan your resources for products, labor in addition to other expenses. You could get your children in some of the activities and give them some compensation so you can conserve labor prices.

In consonance, you likewise need to specify a time frame. Time is vital in turning home. The residential property declines in value when it sits much longer in the market.

In addition, you have to concentrate on components which up the worth of a property. Among these are a well-landscaped yard, brightened plumbing system and attractive installations; organized electrical wires and unit and also general residence design.

Lastly, turning properties is about selling the property you purchased and improved. You could invite people to come over to an open house event so you they can check the residential property. You can do networking on websites such as Twitter and Facebook to advertise the occasion and gather as many prospect buyers as possible.

Monday, April 8, 2013

All About Jason Buzi

Jason Buzi  buys, builds, and fixes up houses throughout the San Francisco Bay Area. He has invested in San Jose, Santa Clara, Mountain View, Palo Alto, Los Altos, Menlo Park, Alameda and San Pablo. He will invest anywhere in Santa Clara, San Mateo, San Francisco, Alameda, and Contra Costa counties. Jason Buzi usually buys houses directly from the owners, saving the seller commission and trouble, as the houses are always bought in "as is" condition with no need for repairs, painting, clean up or staging. In fact, the seller sometimes doesn't move out until some time after the close.

Jason Buzi

Jason Buzi and his partners have built and are in the process of building several new homes in the San Francisco Peninsula. They have also extensively added to and remodeled existing homes.

Jason Buzi is also interested in rental properties. But primarily looking at single family homes. He has also helped quite a few distressed homeowners throughout the Bay Area by helping them to do short sales and avoid foreclosure this way. He has also bought houses just days before the foreclosure auction, helping the seller to avoid losing everything.

If you have a house or other real estate property in the San Francisco Bay Area, that you are even thinking about selling in the next year, please call Jason Buzi at 650-471-5807 or email at jayre01@gmail.com

Jason Buzi will pay you a fair price for your house, pay all of the closing costs, and make it a smooth and easy process. If you have tenants or family members living in the house, or you need to stay there for some time, not to worry. That is not a problem.

In addition to real estate investing, Jason Buzi tries to be involved in the community and give back to those less fortunate. He has volunteered in East Palo Alto as a mentor and is an active donor to the East Palo Alto Kids Foundation. He is currently working with refugee families through the International Rescue Committee. He has helped open libraries in Ghana, and taught English in Poland and Taiwan. A world traveler, he has visited over 70 countries, in Central and South America, the Caribbean, Europe, Asia, and Africa.
You can read more on Jason Buzi’s travels at www.mytb.org/safee
Jason Buzi is also an avid entrepreneur, having sold diamonds online, co-opened a car dealership when he was 19, and recently co-founding an iPhone related smartwatch. However, real estate remains Jason's primary business passion and occupation.

Jason Buzi enjoys sharing his real estate knowledge with others. He has spoken at the Bay Area Wealth Builders club (www.bawb.info) and the San Jose Real Estate Investors Club (www.sjrei.org) and been published in the Creative Real Estate magazine.

Remember to contact Jason Buzi if you have a house in the San Francisco Bay Area you are even thinking about selling. His phone number is 650-471-5807 or he can be emailed at jayre01@gmail.com

Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Jason Buzi and the “Lies” about Burning Man

Jason Buzi


Jason Buzi has just recently attended the Burning Man festival in the state of Nevada not just to enjoy what it had to offer but to also know for himself if some of the things that he heard about the festival were true or just plain “lies” and since that’s the case, here’s what he found out:

1. You don’t really need a lot of cash to go to it – Jason Buzi spent just about $1,000. He spent $350 on his ticket while the rest was for transportation, camping gear and food. Most vacations cost around just that.

2. You can experience a lot at the festival within a relatively short time table – You don’t need to be there for one week or take some time off your work. Spending two to three days is more than enough. However, he did say that if you want to stay longer, you also can.

3. The weather isn’t exactly as terrible as other claim – Weather conditions are, for the most part, unpredictable. However, he said it wasn’t that bad when he went.

4. It doesn’t take that long for one to get in or get out – It’ll only take you a long time if you decide to get out right after Sunday night when the temple burns. Jason Buzi said that it’s normally fine before Sunday. Monday’s traffic situation got worse though since it was Labor Day.

5. Tickets aren’t impossible to get – Jason Buzi only had a tough time getting tickets at first. Subsequently though, the organizers released many more tickets, thus making buying tickets so much easier. All he did was to do a bit of searching on the Net.

6. No, not everybody got naked – Jason Buzi saw just around five people who were completely nude and there were thousands in attendance. Almost all of the people he saw there simply wore eccentric costumes.

7. No, not everybody is on drugs – He noticed that even though a lot of people looked like they were, a lot of other people looked pretty much sober.

8. How much preparation is necessary will only depend on how long you’ll stay – That’s pretty much it. Jason Buzi didn’t have much of a preparation.